Federated ID

Federated identity manages user data across multiple networks and denotes where the credentials are stored. Your "federal" system becomes an "identity provider." When a user logs into your website, instead of providing credentials to Muut, we trust the "identity provider" to validate those credentials. So the user never has to log in with Muut, and never manually has to provide their information.

You could, for example, tie your WordPress user accounts into Muut. It would then allow users to login and signup with your own WordPress authentication system. Once logged in, they'll be able to use Muut commenting and forums without having to create or login to an account through Muut.

This creates a seamless integration between your own website's user authentication and your Muut community solution.

If you’re using the WordPress or Shopify plugins Federated ID is built into the plugin, so no worries about building a backend solution. Otherwise, Federated ID requires some server side work.

There are one required and four optional parameters you’ll pass when denoting users with Federated ID:

  • id - string Case sensitive unique alphanumeric public identifier. Each has to be unique, so be sure to not pass first names, or other things that might end up becoming duplicates. Permanent, and should not be changed. If, for example, you use your own username system for the id parameter and userA changes their username to userB Muut, they will be considered two different users.

  • displayname - string (optional) modifiable case sensitive alphanumeric meta marker. As long as the id remains the same, display name can change without confusing the system.

  • email - string (optional) email to be used in the event system for subscriptions and notifications

  • avatar - string (optional) URL location of the avatar. Be sure to use protocol agnostic non-local formatting: '//gravatar.com/avatar/e5fb96fe7ec4ac3d4fa675422f8d1fb9'

  • is_admin - true (optional) Let the system know if the user is an administrator. Administrators have access to moderate content and more.
id: 'johndoe',
displayname: 'John Doe',
email: 'john.doe@gmail.com',
avatar: '//gravatar.com/avatar/e5fb96fe7ec4ac3d4fa675422f8d1fb9',
is_admin: true

Administrators and Moderators

The only method to assign administrators using Federated ID is to use the is_admin user object. If you assign an administrator using your Muut settings page, it'll automatically be overridden when they login and view the page.

If you're not in a position to tag users with the is_admin object you can allow a user manage posts by them by making them a moderator.

Federated ID using RESTful-api

Federated ID using muut.js

Federated ID using muut.js demo

Federated ID using io-client

Federated ID using io-client demo