CLI Overview

Muut IO accounts are created
and managed via the CLI.

The CLI has detailed help information built in. Simply execute the CLI and you will get basic usage information. The CLI is setup so that you can easily explore the available options from the terminal. Here's a quick overview of getting the CLI setup and how you can use it.


First step is to download the appropriate CLI application.

MacOS Windows Linux

After downloading the zip file, unzip it and move it somewhere in your executable path. You can see the search path on your machine using the echo $PATH command on linux or macOS or the echo %path% command on Windows.

You should be able to simply type muut to execute the CLI if you've done this correctly.


If you execute the CLI without any configuration it will walk you through generating a config file, so you will generally never need to open or edit the config.

Configuration is stored in a config file at ~/.muut-io.yaml and there are currently only three settings available: company, key, and secret. The file is setup automatically when you create your account using the CLI. There is also an option to loginto an existing account which also automatically generates a set of API keys for the CLI and sets up this file.

An example config file might look like:

company: companyname

If you have multiple IO accounts and want to use the CLI with them you can create multiple config files and simply run the cli with the -config flag in order to manually specify which config to use.

You can also simply delete the config file (or move it) if you want to go through the setup again.

Updating the CLI

When executing muut without any commands the CLI version is listed at the top of the help information. At the moment since there CLI does not automatically update you will need to simply download the CLI, unzip the file, and overwrite the old CLI executable if there's a new release.

Usage Details

Simply executing muut after the CLI is configured will give you a nice description of the available commands.


muut status The account and subscription status


Use these commands to manage the API keys for your account

muut keys list Lists API keys. You will see the public key, description, and the date the key was created. The API key the CLI is currently using is also marked

muut keys create [description (optional)] Creates a new API key. You will be prompted for a description or you can simply put the description after the above command

muut keys delete [public key] Deletes the API key listed. The CLI won't let you delete the key you are currently using.


Use these commands to manage the projects

General actions

muut projects list Lists the projects. You will see the name and date created for each project

muut projects create [project] This will create a new project with the given name

muut projects delete [project] Deletes a project


muut project settings describe Lists all settings avialable in the CLI along with descriptions and type information.

muut projects settings get [project] [setting (optional)] shows settings for a given project. Lists all settings if no optional setting parameter is given.

muut projects settings set [project] [setting] [value] Sets a specific setting. The list of available settings are available using the describe command above.